How to Sell a House Fast in Nigeria

Do you have a house property to sell in Nigeria? Do you find it challenging to get interesting prospects? And even when you get the right buyers, do they actually negotiate as per the value of the house you want to sell.

Well not to worry, in this post, we are going to expose you to the secrets behind selling your house faster in Nigeria and at a satisfactory price.

As you probably know, in a country like Nigeria where the economy and pricing of things are literally abnormal, it can be quite challenging to sell a house property at the snap of a finger. This is coupled with a number of untrustworthy house agents dispersed all over every residential area. If you incorporate a better approach and prepare well, you can actually sell your house in Nigeria faster than you think.

So without further ado, let’s go through the important tips for selling a house faster in Nigeria.

Choose the right price to sell your house 

This is probably the most important factor that determines how fast you will have your house sold, especially in a place like Nigeria. You need to set a price that is fit for the house you want to sell. This does not imply that you place a really low offer but you have to know how much your property is currently worth so as not to set an outrageous price that will chase away prospects and a dumb low price that will not suffice. 

In order to choose the right price when it comes to selling a house fast in Nigeria, it is advisable to have an experienced real estate agent. They are indispensable in setting a satisfactory price for both the seller and the buyer. This is an area the ONILE housing company got you covered. 

Contact a Real Estate Agent with Experience

For you to sell your house in Nigeria and sell it at a cool price in no time, you need to have a deep knowledge of the local market as well as the current cost of your type of house. Chances are you are not into housing, maybe a fashion designer or a teacher…

 At this point, it pays to find an experienced real estate agent or company that will help you secure the fast sale of your house.

Our team is trained with great negotiating skills backed by experience and our affordable charges to make sure your house or land property is sold as fast as possible. This is not compromised by our client’s satisfaction.

Prepare your house for sale – Accept its no longer yours

From our experience, we have discovered that A lot of Nigerians who want to sell a house or flat are not always ready to make the house open for prospective new owners. You will still be able to find their personal stuff either on the walls of the house or the entrance.

If you want to sell a house fast in Nigeria, you need to make the house ready. When prospective buyers come to survey what they want to buy from you, you want them to start feeling they own the house already so that they would be impressed to make the deal. The key is to keep the house as neutral as possible. There are higher chances of selling your house fast when you make them welcome.

sell your house fast in Nigeria

Make sure the house is clean and fixed

People will not want to buy a house with broken facilities and items in the apartment. If you fix the house and make sure it is cleaned before reaching out to a buyer, it is most likely that they will see only the brighter choice which is to buy the house at the cost given. 

Having the entire house cleaned and fix is clearly one of the justifications for the cost of selling the house. Some Nigerian house owner who wants to sell house property usually thinks that the job of cleaning the entire house and fixing damaged stuff in the house is left for the buyer. Absolutely not! 

You may need to hire a professional cleaner to get the job done. This activity will include repairing and cleaning wooden floors, eliminating all lingering odors, as well as fixing torn carpets, holes in walls, cracked tiles door/cabinet, broken knobs.

Make the house look attractive by painting creatively 

We have heard some tips about selling a house in Nigeria and one says that if you want to sell a house, you have to paint it yellow to look attractive. Well, however true this may be, the exterior appearance of the house really does determine how fast you will get an interested buyer and how apt you will strike a deal.

There are high chances that those who will call your phone for inquires on a house you place for sale will be attracted first by the outer look of the house. So you want to make sure the house looks really good from the outside. 

Do something different to get different results. Most house owners will not pay attention to details like this, but it is some of our little secrets on how we make you sell your house faster. Coat the house with fresh paint If need be, plant flowers around, and get rid of any spirogyra on the walls of the house.

Don’t stand in-between!

This will need some little explanation. We have encountered it several times when house sellers are present when we take buyers around the house for a survey. We also discovered that buyers find it uneasy to talk to us as the agent company about their real opinion of the house property. 

We advise that If you are selling a house, do not be present when the buyer is looking around the house with the agent. The truth is, when you are around, buyers are not comfortable to ask disturbing questions. 

Put your house up for sale on major websites 

It is needless to tell you that potential house buyers in Nigeria now go online to look for the house of their choice. It would be better if you secure an online presence for selling your house so that you can reach out to buyers as fast as possible. And when talking about online presence where you can upload information about your house for sale, you need one that is not only reliable but also a sure banker. is a fast-growing modern channel that is set to reach millions quickly and is also very affordable. We offer an opportunity for sellers to post their advert and you will be thrilled at how frequently you will be receiving emails and calls from interested buyers on the house you have uploaded on our platform. 

Conclusion on how to sell your house fast in Nigeria

Dear industrious house owner, if you want to sell your house in Nigeria faster, it is important that you don’t rush but follow these secret tips we have shared with you. Above all, selling your house faster in Nigeria nowadays is determined by the real estate agent company you contact as well as the online platform where you advertise your house for sale.

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  1. Hello please I have a house to sell in ogun state nigeria owode bus stop ado after atan 2bad and mini fat on a af a plot

  2. 2 two-bedroom flats sharing the same wall having strong solid foundation intended for 2 storey building foundation costs 15 million


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